CCSA Launches Campaign to Fight CTA's Alternative Facts About Charter Public Schools

February 17, 2017

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In February, the California Teachers Association (CTA) relaunched their Kids Not Profits campaign in several regions across the state, designed to provide inaccurate information about charter public schools. The campaign consists of a website ( and radio ads running in Los Angeles, Sacramento and the Bay Area. The campaign spreads misinformation about charter schools, including common myths that charter schools are for-profit corporations, do not accept all children and are not accountable.

Working on behalf of the charter movement, CCSA launched a campaign this week to counter the "alternative facts" CTA is spreading. We are running radio ads, a digital campaign featuring this video, and have launched a website called Charters Work.

Help us share the truth about charter schools in our communities across the state. We invite CCSA members to:

  • Share the video on your social media channels.
  • Share the website with your school communities.
  • Sign up to learn more at