CCSA Joins Stand for Children's Request to Extend DACA Program

January 12, 2017

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CCSA stands committed to the principle that public education is a fundamental right that all young people are entitled to in our state and in our country. CCSA further believes that immigrant children should not face the fear of potential deportation or other unfair treatment that would adversely impact their ability to succeed in school. As most CCSA members are no doubt aware, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is a crucially important program affording protection to hundreds of thousands of young immigrants accessing public education across the country. And in California, we know that thousands of students covered under DACA are attending and thriving in charter public schools located in many different communities across the state.

During the presidential campaign, a number of statements were made by the incoming administration which called into question whether DACA protections would be continued going forward, and many close to our movement have been waiting to receive assurance that, post-election, we would begin to hear more reassuring comments about the need to extend DACA. Unfortunately, the nominee for Attorney General, during his confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee, was not reassuring about the Trump Administration's readiness to extend the DACA program.

With that being the case, we believe it incumbent upon CCSA to take additional action to ensure that the nominee and other members of the incoming administration understand how important it is that immediate clarity be provided assuring that students protected under the DACA program will continue to benefit from those protections. To that end, CCSA is joining with many other educational organizations to sign on to the Stand for Children letter requesting that officials work urgently to provide immediate assurance that the DACA program will be extended.

As part of these efforts, we are reaching out to our members to request that you consider signing the Stand for Children letter available here and encouraging your school community to help secure additional signatures as well.

Going forward, CCSA will continue monitoring developments related to the DACA program and to a number of other possible new policy proposals that could have adverse impact on the students that we serve, and, if necessary, CCSA is prepared to encourage additional collective action reflective of the values that motivate our movement. Should you have questions or thoughts about CCSA's ongoing efforts in this regard, we encourage you to please reach out to us at

We thank you for your assistance with this matter and for the continued inspiring efforts you are making to help serve the needs of students attending California's public charter schools.