CCSA Disappointed that California Supreme Court Denies Petition for Review Filed by Shasta Secondary Home School

January 18, 2017

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Today, the California Supreme Court denied the petition for review filed by Shasta Secondary Home School appealing the decision of the California Court of Appeal in Anderson Union High School District v. Shasta Secondary Home School (Anderson Union HSD). In Anderson Union HSD, the California Court of Appeal held that nonclassroom-based charter schools offering independent study were not permitted to establish resource centers outside of the boundaries of the school district which granted the charter and within the county of the school district.

CCSA is deeply disappointed by the action of the California Supreme Court to deny the petition for review since the California Court of Appeal decision will likely impact thousands of charter school students and families across the State. As a result of the decision, nonclassroom-based charter schools will need to seek a charter from the school district where the resource centers are located to avoid having students and families travel longer distances to continue attending the schools.

CCSA will work with charter schools to find the best solutions including working to ensure that the nonclassroom-based charter schools are successful in getting their resource center authorized consistent with the decision as well as working with local and State officials to develop transition plans for the schools to come into compliance with the Anderson Union HSD decision, all with the goal to minimize the negative and immediate impact as a result of the uncertainty from the decision on charter school students and families.