CCSA Files Lawsuit Challenging Huntington Park Charter School Moratorium

November 4, 2016

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On behalf of the families and educators in the City of Huntington Park in Los Angeles County, where charter schools far outperform traditional schools, the California Charter Schools Association has filed a lawsuit seeking to ensure that charters are permitted to grow.

The Huntington Park City Council's decision last month to impose a 10-month moratorium on charter schools not only violates the law, it denies families the right to high quality educational options. Charters have already raised the bar in Huntington Park. For example, 98% of charter students in Huntington Park have taken the courses necessary for college admission, compared to 49% of traditional students.

Families are demanding more high quality schools in their community, and CCSA's lawsuit aims to ensure they get that by asking the court to remove the City's ban on new charter schools.

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