CCSA Responds to NAACP's Ratification of Charter Moratorium Resolution

October 15, 2016

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Today, in response to the NAACP's ratification of a resolution calling for a national moratorium on charter schools, CCSA President and CEO Jed Wallace released the following statement:

"While we obviously would have preferred a different decision from the National Board of the NAACP today, we are greatly encouraged to see how thousands of voices across this country representing the interests of historically underserved students have registered their clear support for charter schools continuing to grow and expand their positive impact on public education in communities across the United States.

In California, we are particularly heartened to see the Legislative Black Caucus speak as one voice in opposition to the moratorium and in support of high quality charter schools being able to serve even more students in the future.

We are also pleased to see that many publications across the nation - from the New York Times to the Washington Post to many California newspapers - as well as literally thousands of other community leaders have been galvanized to express new levels of support for charter schools at the very moment when the NAACP has made this misguided decision.

Ultimately, when all of these voices are aggregated, and as charter schools continue to offer improved educational options to hundreds of thousands of historically underserved students, we are confident that the NAACP will recognize that our movement is founded on the same principles which guide their organization - an abiding passion to ensure that all Americans, but in particular those that have been historically underserved by our society, have the same rights and opportunities."