CCSA Responds to LAUSD Charter Denials and Huntington Park Moratorium

October 19, 2016

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The following is CCSA's statement in response to L.A. Unified's decision yesterday to not renew the charters of two Celerity charter schools and three Magnolia charter schools, as well as the city of Huntington Park's decision yesterday to extend its temporary moratorium on charter schools:

For a long time, charter schools were evaluated mostly on the degree to which they were helping students learn. Those days are over. Now charter schools are judged on whether they are able to fit squarely into the box they were designed to break out of. They are judged on how much revenue they generate for school districts, cities and special interests. They are judged on whether they've done anything to offend the peculiar and often petty tastes of the politicians who get to decide which schools live or die. And at LAUSD, they are judged in never-ending witch hunts by an opaque third party, the Office of the Inspector General, that has no obligation to publicly share its findings or allow schools to address or refute them.

Imagine a political environment in which charter schools were evaluated openly and objectively, without bias or secrecy. Imagine a political environment in which charters were rewarded, not punished, for outperforming the traditional system that they were created to improve upon. Imagine a political environment in which charter schools were celebrated for reclassifying English learners, for insisting that students with special needs can learn in the same classroom as other students, and for ensuring that students take the classes they need to qualify for college admission. Imagine a political environment in which city officials, instead of blocking high quality schools from becoming part of their community, welcomed those schools with open arms. Imagine a political environment in which students living in poverty did not have to line up and beg politicians to preserve the schools they depend on.

We will continue fighting for the political environment that we know is possible -- an environment in which learning is prized above all else.