CCSA Responds to Decision of the Third District Court of Appeal regarding Anderson USD v Shasta Secondary Home School Case

October 17, 2016

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Today, in response to the Third District Court of Appeal decision in favor of Anderson USD, CCSA President and CEO Jed Wallace released the following statement:

"Today's decision by the Third District Court of Appeal is both disappointing and baffling. It ruled that Shasta Secondary Home School could not operate a resource center outside the geographic boundaries of the authorizing school district but within the same county.

It is disappointing because it leaves the education of more than 150,000 California students in the balance. It is baffling to allow resource centers to operate in their authorizing district or an adjoining county, but not outside the authorizing district and within the same county.

We will continue to work with the nearly 300 nonclassroom-based charter schools who serve an estimated 153,340 students so that they can continue to provide educational choice with limited impact."