California Charter Schools Association Endorses Propositions 55 and 58

October 20, 2016

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Sacramento - Today the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) announced its endorsement of Proposition 55 and Proposition 58. Proposition 55 is a measure appearing on the November 8 ballot that if passed, will stabilize per pupil funding levels and serve as a safeguard against potential future cuts to California's K-12 public education system for years to come. Proposition 58 is another measure appearing on the November 8 ballot that if passed, will repeal a requirement of traditional public schools to meet English proficiency among English Language Learners (ELL), exclusively through English-only instruction.

California's charter public school educators and families helped secure the passage of Proposition 30 which provided a significant increase to K-12 funding. That measure was coupled with unprecedented funding equity achieved through the successful implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). Proposition 55 will build upon this progress with the expectation that local officials act as stewards of taxpayer dollars in a manner that prioritizes student outcomes and addresses long-term budget liabilities.

"Ensuring equitable funding for charter school students is a top priority for CCSA and our members, and securing the stability of funding for schools is critical to our support for this measure," said Jed Wallace, president and CEO, CCSA. "We're excited to join the whole of the public education community - spanning education reformers, labor partners, parent groups, and the business community in making the case to voters why Proposition 55 deserves their vote."

CCSA supports Proposition 55 as a short term solution to stabilize funding for all public schools, and remains hopeful that school districts will harness this opportunity to address longstanding structural budget deficits to ensure that public schools are available for future generations. The threat of unchecked structural deficits is perhaps no better exemplified than in California's largest school district, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). According to an internal 2015 Independent Financial Review Panel, LAUSD reported having a structural budget gap and an unfunded retiree health benefit liability in excess of $13 billion.

CCSA is supporting Proposition 58 to extend greater flexibility to all educators, and provide parents greater options that best suit the needs of their children when enrolling them in language acquisition programs. A core value of the charter school movement is protecting the opportunity for schools to provide a variety of educational options and approaches. Restricting how educators can teach language acquisition violates that principle. Furthermore, there is growing pedagogical support for dual-language immersion programs as effective models at meeting the requirements of English proficiency among limited English proficient students.

"Charters have been successful in meeting student needs by having greater flexibility with more accountability," continued Wallace. "We believe that traditional schools could also benefit from a similar approach, providing greater flexibility to educators and more choices to parents when it comes to educating English Learners."

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