Announcing Opportunity for Charters to Partner with

October 9, 2016

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By Trish Williams, State Board of Education, Computer Science Liaison and Charter Liaison

For the past two years the national nonprofit has been offering free computer science (CS) curriculum and teacher professional development (PD) to districts in California. To date, 25 districts, including OUSD, LAUSD, Riverside and more, as well as the Alliance and Granada Hills in Los Angeles have participated. Interest in CS across California has been skyrocketing.

At a standing room only session on CS I hosted for CCSA's annual conference last March, I asked how many in the room would be interested if this free CS PD would be open to charters. Every hand was raised.

I'm excited to announce that has expanded the regional hubs in California for their free CS PD services for 2017 and will now also consider applications for partnerships from charter schools and networks as well as districts.

There will be limited space for professional development for's new intro course called CS Discoveries, designed for grades 7-9. There will be more space for their high school course, AP Computer Science Principles, typically for grades 10-12. The free PD will take place the summer of 2017 with teacher applications opening in early 2017. More information about the CS Discoveries and AP CS Principles courses can be found at will offer the curriculum and the PD free of charge; any additional costs related to travel or stipends will be on the LEA.

First priority will be for applicants that are not currently offering CS. Degree of LEA commitment is also a consideration.'s nonprofit mission is to expand and diversify student access to computer science instruction.

Interested charter CMOs, networks, and schools should begin applying now for 2017 partnerships by reaching out to the contact below in the regional hub closest to their school(s). They are the first line to answer your questions and to access an application. For any atypical situations, the CA statewide partnership manager with whom I interface is David Bernier at

9 Dots Community Learning Center, Los Angeles Laura Lee 

Alameda County Office of Education Francisco Nieto 

Contra Costa County Office of Education Hilary Dito

Elementary Institute of Science, San Diego County Anthonette Pena 

Riverside County Office of Education Mike Leffin  

Silicon Valley Education Foundation, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties Casey Agena