ICYMI: California Awarded $49 Million to Expand Charter Schools Across State

September 30, 2016

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The California Department of Education and three California Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) were recently awarded a collective $49 million from the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) as part of the Charter Schools Program, a program designed to provide annual grants to select state departments of education and CMOs to help them launch high-quality charter schools and improve educational outcomes for children in high-need communities. This year, California was one out of eight states to receive funding, and three California CMOs were awarded additional funding out of 15 CMOs in the nation.

Congratulations to the California Department of Education (CDE), Amethod, Equitas and KIPP on their well-deserved grants. Due to the hard work and collaboration of charter staff at the CDE and State Board of Education, California's charter sector was able to receive funds that will help meet parent demand for high-quality charter schools across the state. Now is a great time to develop new and innovative charter school programs in communities across California!

Below is a full list of Charter School Program grant recipients, including those in California, and the amounts they will be awarded for 2016.

States Educational Agencies Grantees:

  • California Department of Education-- $27,329,904
  • Florida Department of Education-- $58,454,516
  • Georgia Department of Education-- $24,447,229
  • Louisiana Department of Education-- $4,836,766
  • Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education-- $12,549,937
  • Tennessee Department of Education-- $15,172,732
  • Texas Education Agency-- $30,498,392
  • Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction-- $4,102,455

Charter Management Organization Grantees:

  • AmethodCharter Schools, Calif.-- $2,179,474
  • Carmen High School of Science and Technology, Inc., Wis.-- $1,384,190
  • Collegiate Academies, La.-- $1,775,257
  • Democracy Prep Public Schools, N.Y.-- $4,591,801
  • Denver School of Science and Technology, Colo.-- $4,043,361
  • Equitas Academy Charter School, Inc., Calif.-- $1,121,544
  • IDEA Public Schools, Texas-- $6,338,769
  • InspireNOLA Charter Schools, La.-- $1,373,714
  • KIPP Foundation in Consortium with KIPP Regions, Calif.-- $29,799,050
  • NACA Inspired Schools Network, N.M.-- $1,346,078
  • National Center for Hebrew Language Charter School Excellence, N.Y.-- $2,173,676
  • Propel Schools Foundation, Pa.-- $855,999
  • The Friends of the Bronx Charter School for Excellence, Inc., N.Y.-- $771,999
  • Tindley Network Schools, Ind.-- $1,923,866
  • Uncommon Schools, Inc., N.Y.-- $8,004,576

Overall, the U.S. DOE awarded $245 million to eight states and 15 charter school networks. Approximately $177 million in grants were provided to eight states, allowing each state to run its own grant competition for charter school operators to support approximately 490 new and expanded public charter schools. Additionally, approximately $68 million in new grants were awarded to 15 high-quality, non-profit CMOs serving low-income students. These CMOs are being awarded for their proven success in supporting students with significant educational needs so that they can open and expand approximately 180 new schools.

To learn more about this year's U.S. DOE Charter Schools Program, click here.