Help Amplify African American Parent Voices to Say: #ChartersWork!

September 30, 2016

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This week, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS) and BAEO launched the second phase of the **#ChartersWork campaign with a parent letter to the NAACP Board of Directors. The letter was drafted by six parents of African American children from around the country in response to the NAACP resolution proposing a moratorium on new charter schools.

The parent letter to NAACP details:

  • Why the moratorium does not represent African American parent voices;
  • Why charter schools are helping African American children thrive; and,
  • How the moratorium would make it even harder for students of color to secure a spot in a quality school.

The NAACP Board is meeting on October 15 to ratify the resolution. As a partner of NAPCS, CSSA encourages all members to view the NAPCS ChartersWork campaign toolkit to help amplify the voices of these parents and to encourage more parents to sign on to the letter. The toolkit includes sample emails, tweets, Facebook posts and shareable graphics.

Please utilize the toolkit here, and below, to get involved, make your voice heard and spread the word with your school and parents.

Sample Email

When given the option, parents increasingly are choosing to enroll their children in charter public schools. In many communities, the demand for charter schools is far outpacing the supply. Yet, while one million student names remain on charter school wait lists, the NAACP has proposed a moratorium of new charter schools.

The NAACP Board of Directors is scheduled to vote on the charter school moratorium on October 15. An NAACP vote in favor of a charter school moratorium would send the message that what hundreds of thousands of black parents want doesn't matter. That's not a solution we need - we know Charters Work!

That's why parents across the country came together to ask the NAACP to reconsider this resolution - and to visit their children's schools to learn more about how charter schools are helping black children succeed.

Please click here to add your name to the letter and tell the NAACP that Charters Work

Share on Social Media

Below are a few sample Tweets and Facebook posts. Be sure to use the hashtag #ChartersWork.


  • Join these parents and ask @NAACP to vote against charter school moratorium #ChartersWork
  • What parents have to say to the @NAACP - #ChartersWork
  • "Charter schools are giving our children opportunities that they wouldn't have otherwise." #ChartersWork
  • We can't afford to turn our backs on any schools where our children are beating the odds. #ChartersWork
  • Dear @NAACP - We're not turning back #ChartersWork
  • On October 15, @NAACP is meeting to vote on a moratorium of charter schools - send them a message that #ChartersWork
  • Add your name to this letter to the @NAACP - #ChartersWork


  • The NAACP Board of Directors is set to vote next month on a moratorium of new charter schools. That's not a solution we need - we know Charters Work! Add your name here:

  • When I reflect on what the NAACP has helped Black people accomplish since its founding in 1909, I am surprised that NAACP might not support a high-quality charter school like ours, where my son and his peers are surpassing district and state grade-level averages across literacy and math after just one year. So today, I join parents from across the country to stand up for our children's futures. Join me in asking the NAACP to vote against this resolution.

  • Were you surprised as I was when you heard that the NAACP proposed a resolution to stop the growth of charter schools? Did you ask the question, why? If so, please join me in telling the NAACP that Charters Work. All children in all public schools, including charter schools, should have the best education possible. My daughter is the reason that I'm joining this campaign and because of her, I know that Charters Work for my family. As parents, it's our responsibility to advocate for our children and that's what I'm here to do.

  • My children sat on charter school wait lists for more than three years to get into quality charter schools. When I heard that the NAACP is planning to vote on a resolution to stop the growth of new charter schools, I couldn't believe it. I believe that all children should be able to attend a public school that best meets their needs. Charters Work for my children and for many of yours - that's why we need to send a letter to the NAACP and ask them to vote against this resolution.

  • When I heard about the NAACP resolution calling for a moratorium on charter schools, I knew I had to say something. Our children need quality school options and charter schools are a part of the answer. Please, join me in asking the NAACP to vote down this resolution.

Share the Letter/Press Release with Your Networks

  • Share NACPS's original letter and press release with your networks (church, school, charter support organization, community businesses, etc.) via newsletter, email blast, website, social media, or other platforms and ask them to also help spread the word and increase support of charter schools in the community.

Write a Blog or Op-Ed

  • Share why you believe in the power of charter schools with the NAACP via a blog or op-ed. If you'd like guidance or support in this area, contact or

For more information, please visit the ChartersWork campaign website.