Bay Area's Summit Public Schools Awarded $10 Million to Design High School of the Future

September 18, 2016

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Northern California-based charter public school network, Summit Public Schools (Summit), was awarded the XQ Super School prize to build a proposed high-end, high-quality high school called Summit Elevate. Out of 1,000 applicants, Summit was one of 10 teams selected to receive this $10 million prize that will allow the creation of Summit Elevate in Oakland, a high school designed to prepare students for the realities of today's society.

The high school will incorporate Summit's personalized learning model, which allows students to set goals, develop critical thinking skills and develop habits that will allow students succeed in college, career, and life. Additionally, in conjunction with Oakland Unified School District and the California College of the Arts, the school will host a mentoring and coaching network of tutors, professionals, and community members to help students achieve their academic and professional potential.

The Oakland community will also be a major partner in the development of Summit Elevate, as they will be able to participate in a series of community meetings to offer input and advice on the construction and design of the program. Additionally, several Oakland traditional and charter public schools participating in Summit Basecamp, a Summit personalized learning program, have collaborated in the creation of the Summit Elevate concept and will continue to provide input.

CCSA is proud of Summit for their hard work to bring the Oakland community together to achieve this prestigious prize. We look forward to the development of Summit Elevate and the great things the school will do for its students and community.