Alliance of Black Parents, Education and Community Leaders Speak Up to Say: Charter Public Schools Work

September 23, 2016

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On Wednesday, September 21, more than 160 Black education and community leaders responded to the NAACP's proposed resolution calling for a moratorium on new charter schools with a letter to the organization's Board of Directors. Citing a shared understanding that Black students are getting a raw deal in America's schools, and are frequently underserved by the traditional public education system, the #ChartersWork campaign is calling on the NAACP's national board to reconsider the organization's call for a moratorium and learn more.

CCSA is proud to partner with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS) to support the Black leaders who have requested a meeting with the NAACP Board of Directors in response to the call for a moratorium on charter school growth.

In the letter, NAPCS highlights:

  • Why the moratorium is a mischaracterization of charter schools utilizing cherry-picked misinformation;
  • How the moratorium would limit Black students' access to some of the best schools in the country; and,
  • How the moratorium would deny Black parents freedom to choose what's best for their children.

The NAACP Board is meeting on October 15 to ratify that resolution. Between now and then, we hope you will join us in amplifying the voices of these leaders and sharing the stories of how California's charter schools are helping Black students learn and succeed. Outlined below are a few ways you can get involved and help spread the word.

Share on Social Media

Below are a few sample Tweets and Facebook posts to get you started. Be sure to use the hashtag #ChartersWork.


  • Proud to join this letter to the @NAACP with 160+ Black charter school supporters #ChartersWork
  • .@NAACP - pls accept invite 2 meet w/ Black charter school leaders before voting on charter resolution #ChartersWork
  • RT if you support Black leaders asking the @NAACP to reconsider charter school moratorium #ChartersWork


  • Today I joined 160+ Black leaders in education, clergy and public service to send a letter to NAACP. Their Board is set to vote on a resolution calling for a moratorium on charter schools. A blanket moratorium on charter schools would limit Black students' access to some of the best schools in America and deny Black parents the opportunity to make decisions about what's best for their children. Please share this message in support of high-quality educational options for Black families.

Share the Letter/Press Release with Your Networks

  • Share the letter and press release with your networks (church, school, charter support organization, community businesses, etc.) via newsletter, email blast, website, social media, or other platforms and ask them to also help spread the word and increase support of charter schools in the community.

Write a Blog or Op-Ed

  • Share why you believe in the power of charter schools with the NAACP via a blog or op-ed. If you'd like guidance or support in this area, contact or

For more information, read the full letter here or see the NAPCS press release and BAEO press release. Additionally, please visit the ChartersWork campaign.