Senior Megan Chan is a Homeschool Standout at Springs Charter Schools

July 7, 2016

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Megan Chan wanted to take control of her high school experience and Springs Charter in Murietta helped her do just that - by giving her the flexibility to manage her own education, on her terms. Now, the Springs Charter homeschool student will be attending Cal Poly, SLO in the fall.

"As a Springs Homeschool student, I dictate every step of my educational journey," said Megan. "I love that I can take ballet classes in the morning and college classes in the afternoon. If I were stuck in a traditional school schedule, there's no way I could have attended classes at Palomar College, taken ballet, have an internship, work on a robotics team, and teach kung fu, all at the same time."

Megan adds, "Everything ties together around the flexibility that the Springs curriculum provides. I don't need to waste time doing busy work in a classroom. Instead, I get to go out, get real-world experience, and get a head-start on college--all while still in high school!"

Megan began her freshman year by dreaming and planning with her Education Specialist and her parents about what she wanted her high school years to look like in order to be accepted to an Ivy League school. Springs' mission is to help students like Megan excel by personalizing learning to meet their needs while still holding to a high standard of academics.

Springs Charter Schools Homeschool Director Shirley Jones says, "Megan is a stellar well-rounded student who not only excels academically, but also excels in charity work, kung fu, ballet, and playing the piano. Homeschooling through Springs allowed Megan the opportunity to take classes at the local junior college to graduate with several college credits. Through homeschooling she was afforded the time to spend on her passions because she could complete her schoolwork during times that would accommodate her very busy schedule."

The charter school graduated 220 seniors on Saturday, June 11, 2016.

*The mission of Springs Charter Schools is to empower students by fostering their innate curiosity, engaging their parents, and promoting optimum learning by collaboratively developing a personalized learning program for each student. They serve nearly 8,000 students in Southern California. Their charter school experience of over 15 years has allowed them the time to develop a highly personalized learning experience for our students and the opportunity to have high -quality, trained teachers, and staff members. *