St. HOPE Charter Student Fulfills High Expectations for Success After High School

June 21, 2016

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AnZhane Burrell graduated last month from Hampton University in Virginia with a bachelor's degree in Business Management and she credits St. HOPE Public Schools in Sacramento for her success.

"Being in an environment where every staff member truly cares about you leaves a mark," Burrell said.

Burrell came to PS7, St. HOPE's K-8 school, in 2003 when the school was launched. She was part of the school's very first fourth grade class. Her parents heard about the new school and since it was close to home, they thought they would give it a try - something that worked out very well for Burrell.

Burrell was a standout student and graduated from St. HOPE's Sacramento Charter High School with a 4.2 GPA. She received a $10,000 academic scholarship to attend Hampton University in Virginia, one of the nation's top historically black universities.

She recalls, however, the challenge of moving across the country and starting her college career not knowing anyone.

"My dad literally left me hours after dropping me and my things off at this new school," she said. "I had to figure it out because it was instilled in me that I will go to college and I will be successful, so I figured it out."

Burrell points to the high expectations that St. HOPE teachers and staff had for her as being the biggest indicator for her success. According to her, she was going to do whatever it takes to succeed.

It is exactly this kind of focus and determination that fuels her future. While she was not accepted into the MBA Program at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, she applied to Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies - Human Resources Management Program and will hear this summer whether she is accepted into the program.

St. HOPE Public Schools is a charter public school system that serves students from low-income and minority backgrounds, providing a rigorous college preparatory education. PS7 (grades K-8) and Sacramento Charter High School (grades 9-12) provide personalized attention to their students, committing more time with an extended school day to achieve academic results.

Like many charter school students in California, Burrell was well-prepared for success in her post-secondary education. In fact, a recent study by CCSA revealed that charter schools are helping to increase access to college for thousands of historically disadvantaged youth in California, including minority, low income and first-generation college-going students. Students who attend charter schools are more likely to be prepared for college, more likely to apply to college, more likely to be accepted to college, and more likely to attend college.

According to Burrell, sometimes change is the best thing to happen to you.

"St. HOPE was the change that brought me here," she said.