CCSA Responds to Misguided Lawsuit Against Non-Classroom-Based Charters

June 28, 2016

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Below is CCSA's response to the San Diego Union-Tribune article, "Julian charter schools under fire."

The San Diego Unified School District, the Grossmont Union High School District and their lawyers simply do not understand the law. The schools discussed in the Tribune article are non-classroom-based schools that by law may locate outside of the the district that authorizes them. They can locate resource centers anywhere in the county and adjacent counties in order to best serve students.

It is also disheartening that the article ignores several important issues regarding student learning and parents' right to choose the best school for their children. No one, it seems, is asking why these students are choosing to attend these charter schools, how these students are performing in charters, or how their educational needs are being served? These deeper issues are being ignored because this lawsuit is about money, as well as clinging to a territorial education system that is unwilling to adapt to the educational needs and rights of all students and families. 

The issue here is simple: what's best for students and for learning? The issue is not: what's the best way to keep fueling an antiquated system? If students' educational needs met aren't being met by the traditional system, they deserve to access programs that will meet their needs. Building barriers to prevent them from doing so is simply wrong.

It is time to put politics aside and support parents and students who seek alternatives to the status quo. These schools are not breaking the law. They are doing exactly what the charter law envisioned: providing flexibility, choice, and above all, better options for students and families.