Seven San Diego Charter Schools Pledge Independent Study Excellence

February 4, 2016

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Drawn together by their proven commitment to provide a high quality independent study education to the students and the families they serve, seven charter school operators signed an Excellence Pledge.

Leaders representing The Classical Academies K-12, Julian Charter School K-12, Element Education K-12, River Springs Charter Schools K-12, Pacific View Charter K-12, Bayshore Prep K-12, and Diego Charter School 9-12, signed the pledge stating in part:

Collectively our programs serve almost 17,000 students, more than 9,000 parents, over four counties in Southern California. Looking back over the past few decades, we are honored to be part of the independent study movement in the state of California. Our public charter schools provide unique opportunities for students to think, communicate, and achieve. We do not take lightly the responsibilities that come with managing high quality public charter schools that directly benefit the communities we serve. As with all high-quality public schools, we know that our programs are part of the economic development vitality of the communities where we are located. Our academic gains reflect the innovative, personalized, and adaptive learning activities that draw students into our programs that improve the landscape of public education. Each of us bears the responsibility of keeping the needs of students first. The alignment around this Excellence Pledge factually speaks to the values we hold for the benefit of the students and families whom we serve.

If you would like more information on what charter schools are accomplishing for students, please contact one or all of the leaders listed on the Excellence Pledge.

The official pledge can be found here.

Independent study in the state of California is defined as nonclassroom-based instruction. Nonclassroom-based instruction includes, but is not limited to, independent study, home study, work study, and distance and computer-based education.