CCSA Statement on Selection of New LAUSD Superintendent Michelle King

January 12, 2016

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The following statement on the selection of Michelle King as the new LAUSD Superintendent is from Sarah Angel, Managing Director, Regional Advocacy--Los Angeles at the California Charter Schools Association.

The board has chosen an excellent leader with rich experience advocating for diverse students while managing the complex needs of a large urban education system. Michelle King brings a deep institutional knowledge of the district's policies, culture and history - its successes and its challenges - which will undoubtedly enable her to hit the ground running. We look forward to partnering with Superintendent King as we continue to support charter educators in providing families with high-quality schools and strengthening public education in Los Angeles.

L.A. Unified is home to 228 independent charter schools serving a highly diverse population of students; 83% are students of color and 78% live in poverty. These independent charter schools are among the best performing charters in the nation, particularly for those disadvantaged students. Numerous L.A. charters - Green Dot, KIPP, Camino Nuevo and CHIME schools, to name a few - have received local and national recognition for their innovative and highly effective practices, and we invite and encourage Superintendent King to visit these and other charter schools to see how they are transforming the lives of children in underserved communities.

With so many charter school educators eager to collaborate with their fellow educators at all types of district schools, we hope that Superintendent King will create more opportunities for educators to share best practices across the district. This collaboration between district and charter schools will prove essential to the education community's efforts to deeply address the needs of families in L.A.

Lastly, it is imperative we ensure families have access to high-quality public schools, and we are hopeful that Superintendent King will meaningfully engage parents in understanding their rights, exploring their school options, and making the right choice for their children.

We are optimistic that Superintendent King will continue to support the outstanding work underway at local charter schools, and we are excited to build a strong relationship with her on behalf of the Los Angeles charter school community. We look forward to working with Superintendent King and the Board of Education to ensure charter schools continue to enrich the education landscape in Los Angeles and, most importantly, continue to provide students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, with the academic opportunities they need to excel.