Statement: CCSA Urges LAUSD to Respect Families' Right to High Quality Schools and Educational Choice

November 10, 2015

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CCSA Urges LAUSD to Respect Families' Right to High Quality Schools and Educational Choice

November 10, 2015 - Los Angeles - As the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education considers several items that seek to prevent charter schools from serving high-need families throughout Los Angeles, the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) is urging the board to reject any attempt to undermine high quality educational options for families.

"Families in L.A. are flocking to charter schools because charters deliver on the promise of a great public education," says Myrna Castrejon, Acting CEO of CCSA. "If the LAUSD board wants to make sure all students receive a great public education, they should be focused on supporting and expanding schools that are demonstrating success like charter schools - not trying to undermine them."

On this year's Smarter Balanced Assessments, at every grade level, in both English and Math, independent charter students outperformed traditional school students in LAUSD. Charter students are also at least three times more likely to graduate college-ready, having taken the necessary A-G courses required for admission to California public universities, than traditional school students. Charter students in LAUSD, demographically, are nearly identical to traditional school students.

"The data paints a very clear picture: charter schools in LAUSD are serving the same students and providing them with great educational opportunities," says Castrejon.

As the LAUSD board considers items that aim to threaten charter school autonomy, prevent charters from expanding, and unfairly hold charters responsible for the district's fiscal challenges that frankly have little to do with charters, CCSA urges the board to remember their first priority: student learning.

"It would not be wise or fair for the district to start blaming or punishing charter schools and the families who rely on them," continues Castrejon. "The district has long been a strong authorizer of charter schools, providing support and oversight while ensuring the autonomy that has enabled charters to achieve impressive results for students. We are committed to ensuring that the collaborative relationship between LAUSD and the charter community will continue."