Public Call for Non-Renewal 2015 Press Kit

November 17, 2015

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As California transitions to a new accountability system based on the Common Core standards, the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) pushes forward in the public call for non-renewal of two chronically underperforming charter public schools.

Oasis Charter Public School in Monterey County and Century Academy for Excellence in Los Angeles County are among the lowest performing schools in the state. They have not demonstrated substantial growth over time, and have consistently ranked near the bottom of state and local measures of academic performance.

Since 2009, CCSA has worked closely with its members, researchers, policy advocates and key stakeholders to establish an accountability framework that guides its advocacy efforts for renewing and replicating schools. CCSA has led the way for increased accountability by raising standards that value academic rigor, while giving schools credit for growth and taking on the challenge of serving traditionally disadvantaged students. Charter schools are held to high standards of performance, and CCSA advocates for the closure of chronically underperforming schools that do not deliver for students.

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