Charter School Families Score Big Win in Richmond

November 18, 2015

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City Council Votes to Include ALL Students in "Promise" $35 Million Scholarship Program from Chevron Oil

November 18, 2015 - Last night was a major victory for charter school families in Richmond, as the City Council voted to include all Richmond students in the $35 million college scholarship fund from Chevron Oil's "Richmond Promise." The win follows months of advocacy by charter school parents, teachers, and students, who have demanded that charter students receive their fair share of the college aid.

The city council motion that passed stated that the Richmond Promise will include "all students from public, private, and charter schools (which are, in fact, public schools)." The council also voted to give participating students $1,500 per year, regardless of whether they attend a two or a four-year college.

Reluctant to let down their guard after weeks of late-night, drawn-out council meetings, charter supporters finally walked away with a victory. Starting in September, the charter school community, comprised of students, parents, educators, and local advocates, took an active and vocal stance, reminding the council that, as public school students, charter students must be included in order for the scholarship program to truly be equitable.

CCSA Families, the parent organizing arm of the California Charter Schools Association, supports the decision and commended those who have spent months advocating for the inclusion of all Richmond students. This is a big win for Richmond families who otherwise may have been excluded from the Richmond Promise funds.

The "Richmond Promise" is part of a Chevron settlement with the city. Earlier this year, the city council created a steering committee to determine whether students at charter schools, many of whom are low-income students of color whose families struggle to afford college, were eligible for the scholarship funds.  

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