Chamberlin Family Foundation reiterates $1 million commitment to Richmond Promise program

October 27, 2015

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The following media release was issued by the Chamberlin Family Foundation.

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Gift will be finalized upon Richmond City Council's vote for the equitable inclusion of all Richmond public school students

RICHMOND, Calif. - October 27, 2015 - In advance of the October 27 Richmond City Council meeting, the Chamberlin Family Foundation is pleased to reiterate its commitment to support the Richmond Promise initiative with a $1 million contribution, provided that all Richmond public school students are equitably included. They are also supportive of the potential inclusion of low-income Richmond students who attend private schools on scholarship. Families, the Foundation believes, should be respected for the decisions they make to ensure the best possible education for their children.

The Chamberlins, residents of Richmond for 20 years, are excited about the commitment the City Council made when they announced the program to include all Richmond children attending public schools. They are eager to see this commitment fulfilled, and will work with the City staff to craft the details of their million-dollar gift once a strong plan is in place that ensures this promise will be well managed and equitably available to Richmond public school students.

"The Richmond Promise is a promise made to help all public school students who live in Richmond and are making the best choices they can to attain an excellent education," said Julie Wright, Executive Director of the Chamberlin Family Foundation. "We should always honor parents' right to choose what they feel is the best educational option for their children."

The City Council is expected to discuss this evening whether to allow all students who attend traditional district public schools, local public charter school options, and/or private schools to participate, despite their ongoing promises from the outset to include all Richmond students. Both traditional district and public charter schools serve a high concentration of low-income youth and students of color. In the 2014-15 school year, 72% of traditional district students were economically disadvantaged, as were 84% of public charter schools students. "I can't imagine the Council's intent is to exclude our most vulnerable populations," Wright added. "We are a community that values excellent schools and equity for our young people, so I am hopeful that the Richmond Promise will be a program of inclusion."

The Chamberlin Family Foundation gift is intended to meet the City Council's call for community help in supporting Richmond youth by pledging to provide the support necessary for an experienced not-for-profit organization to administer the Richmond Promise program without drawing funds away from the scholarship dollars.

The Chamberlin Family Foundation was founded in 2006 by long-time Richmond residents Steve and Susan Chamberlin. The Chamberlin Family Foundation's mission is to ensure that all children have access to an excellent public school education. The Chamberlins, graduates of public schools, believe education is the pathway to rewarding life options for every child. They have a long history of investing in Richmond and West Contra Costa public education. They have a deep belief in the potential of all Richmond students, and are committed to supporting people and ideas that promote excellence in West Contra Costa K-12 public schools. For more information please visit