Response to Article in the San Diego Union-Tribune: Charter school closes in Oceanside

August 21, 2015

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Read CCSA's response to San Diego Union-Trbiune article, "Charter school closes in Oceanside."

CCSA holds all charter schools to the highest standards of accountability and good operational governance. Oxford Preparatory Academy (OPA) has followed the Charter School Act to operate its charter school locations in San Diego County. OPA, like all public schools first and foremost, is concerned with providing high quality educational options to its students. This article misrepresents the law regarding authorizing rules and paints OPA as operating outside the Charter School Act. This is simply not the case.

Also, like many charters attempting to expand, there are inherent challenges, and OPA is working with the school community and school board to ensure it meets and has met it's legal responsibilities so that it can continue to serve its 300 students and families to the best of its ability by offering a variety of curriculum options and with minimal disruption in the 2015-16 school year. It is saddening that school district politics may now impact the ability for families and their students to attend a school that they believe is meeting their educational needs.

Miles Durfee
Managing Regional Director, Southern California
California Charter Schools Association