Response to Dr. Jane Gawronski's Op-Ed Calling for Support of Charters by Districts

August 20, 2015

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CCSA submitted the following response to the San Diego Union-Tribune op-ed by Dr. Jane Gawronski, "Successful charter schools deserve more support from districts."

There were just over 500,000 K-12 students enrolled in San Diego County public schools last school year, including more than 50,000 students in charter public schools. The number of charter public school students is expected to increase again as schools across the County open this fall. Even with this increase, nearly 17,000 students remain on waiting lists within the County unable to go to the school they believe will best meet their educational needs.

As Dr. Garwonski suggests in her Op-Ed, our community's students and parents should not be placed in the middle of any educational game playing or attempt to artificially divide students from either successful traditional or charter public school options. Finding the school that gives the best opportunity for a student to succeed should continue to be the primary focus to forge lasting partnerships between charter schools and the authorizing district.

Miles Durfee
Managing Regional Director, Southern California
California Charter Schools Association