The Charter School Movement Stands United on Improved Public School Quality for All Students through the "National Public Charter Schools Commitment to Quality" Initiative

June 23, 2015

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In an effort to improve the quality and accountability of public education for students across the nation, 39 state-and city-based public charter school support organizations, including CCSA, collectively signed the "National Public Charter Schools Commitment to Quality" at the National Charter Schools Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana during the week of June 21.

This grassroots, state- and city-based initiative undertaken by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools' State Leaders Council is the first of its kind in the public education system to take ownership over ensuring a quality education for all students and address the persistent challenges facing communities with underperforming schools.

CCSA CEO and President Jed Wallace said in the news release, "charter schools are providing remarkable opportunities for students across the nation. But we know that many more families are seeking high-quality schools for their children, so we must do all that we can to replicate the charter schools that are serving students well and provide parents with the peace of mind of knowing their child is in a high-performing school environment. I am confident that this commitment to accountability and the supports necessary for a healthy and quality public charter school environment will not only benefit our students in California but that together, we will ensure that students across many states will have access to great public school options."

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