Culture of Respect - Spotlight on the Academy of Alameda

December 19, 2014

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The Academy of Alameda is driven by the guiding phrase: "whatever it takes." Inspired by Richard Dufour's Whatever It Takes, the academy has designed a school-wide program with the intention of helping all students reach grade-level academic proficiency and obtain skills to engage in their communities.

With the expressed goal of creating a school where respect is at the core of all relationships, the school culture has been intentionally formed, considering the social-emotional needs of the student population and that of middle school students in general.

The academy serves students in grades 6 through 8, and has demonstrated strong academic performance - far surpassing its Academic Performance Index (API) growth target for 2012-13, with an overall API of 808. The Academy of Alameda has shown strong performance on other measures of success, including high attendance rates, strong staff retention rates, and a high rate of extra-curricular participation by their students.

The student-centered program includes high expectations and high engagement, a personalized learning environment that is flexible to adjust to the student's needs, as well as educating the whole child that focuses on the student's social-emotional capacity.

The academy's program is highly sought after with enrollment wait lists for the past two years, confirming parent interest in the Academy of Alameda as a high-quality option for their child during the middle school years.