Innovators OC and the California Charter Schools Association Partner to Increase Number of High Quality Charter Schools in Orange County

November 7, 2014

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Andrew Horowitz, Innovators OC
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Dannie Tillman, CCSA
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(Orange County) - Today Innovators OC (IOC) announced a unique partnership with the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) to increase the development of additional high-performing and high-quality charter schools in Orange County. The goal is to provide additional options for families that will meet individualized learning needs of students.

Innovators OC invests in individuals and organizations in Orange County who are working in new ways to solve social problems. CCSA advocates on behalf of charter schools through public policy, leadership initiatives, and helping to grow the number of charter schools in California while holding them to the highest standards of accountability.

"While there are many good traditional and charter public schools in Orange County, many students in Orange County are unfortunately not receiving the best education they deserve and that serve their individualized learning needs. Charter schools provide an important option, particularly for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Unfortunately, Orange County has significantly lagged California in the growth of charter schools and we want to be a catalyst towards increasing the number and quality of charter schools," said Andrew Horowitz, a member of IOC.

CCSA will provide advocacy support and technical services to IOC by working with petitioners on their charter submissions.

"Across California, we continue to see charter public schools making strong academic progress and growing in numbers. CCSA is committed to supporting this effort in Orange County and assisting students who need additional educational options to achieve," said Jed Wallace, CCSA president and CEO. "We are confident this new partnership with IOC will transform education equity for students and their families."

"Our initial focus will be working with proven educational leaders to develop charter public schools that offer strong instructional programs for students," said Susan Mas, education advocate and independent consultant working with the partnership.

IOC is continuing to identify additional strategic partners to provide financial resources and expertise for this effort. A number of key foundations and community members have provided startup funding to begin to identify groups and leaders to overcome the many barriers that make the process of starting a charter school difficult.

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