Response to LA School Report "LAUSD charter school growth faster pace than in state, nation"

July 28, 2014

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Read CCSA's response to the article, LAUSD charter school growth faster pace than in state, nation.

The assertion that charter public schools are opening in locations where there is money available and because of anti-union views is simply false. Charters are opening based on parent demand and where educators want to and can make a difference, as clearly demonstrated by research.

According to a 2014 report (, in LA, the percentage of high school graduates who completed all college preparatory coursework is 4 times as high at charter public schools as it is at traditional district schools. And, charter schools graduate high school students at higher rates than traditional district schools - 79% versus 66% for traditional schools.

CREDO released a 2014 report ( finding that the typical LA charter school student gains more learning in a year than his/her district school peer, amounting to about 50 more days of learning in reading and an additional 79 days of learning in math.

In CA, 91,000 kids are on charter wait lists, approximately 36,000 in LAUSD. This is not about money or unions. It is about giving parents options to help ensure their kids get the high-quality education they deserve.