Legislative Updates: AB 1531 Held in Appropriations Committee

May 23, 2014

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Today was the deadline for both the Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees to pass bills with a fiscal impact as they considered a combined 400+ bills on their suspense files. The following bills were all held in Appropriations Committee and will not be moving forward:

AB 1531 (Chau) Charter school boards. CCSA opposed this bill which would have required charter school authorizers to select a majority of the nonprofit board members of a charter school. Charter school supporters attended more than 100 meetings with legislative offices and sent nearly 6,000 emails opposing this measure.

SB 1067 (Beall) School site entry. CCSA opposed this bill which would have required two separate entrances/exits to any school site. CCSA opposed this bill because it would have created additional challenges for charter schools to access school facilities.

AB 2178 (Levine) Blended learning. CCSA sponsored this bill which would have created a blended learning pilot program. CCSA will continue to support Governor Brown's proposed streamlining of Independent Study in the budget process.

SB 1317 (Huff) Conflict of interest. CCSA sponsored this bill to clarify charter school conflict of interest policies for charter schools in a way that ensured transparency but also recognized the unique organizational structures of many charter schools.

CCSA will continue to work to ensure that opposed legislation, AB 913 (Chau), which focuses on this same issue from last year does not move forward.

For more information about CCSA legislation, visit our Statewide Advocacy: At The Capitol page.