Ten Charter Schools Named 2013-14 Title I Academic Achievement Award Schools

May 13, 2014

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State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson announced that several public schools will be receiving the 2013-14 Title I Academic Achievement Award. Ten charter schools were given this distinction.

The Title I Academic Achievement Award is given to schools receiving federal Title I funds as authorized by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Title I, the single largest federal educational program for K-12 public education, assists schools in meeting the educational needs of students living at or below the poverty line. Of the approximately 10,000 schools in California, more than 6,000 of them participate in the Title I program.

To receive this distinction, the school must demonstrate that all students are making significant progress toward proficiency on California's academic content standards. Additionally, the school's socioeconomically disadvantaged students must have doubled the achievement targets set for them for two consecutive years.

The National Title I Association also presents each year two National Title I Distinguished School Awards per state. The awards are given to one Academic Achievement Award-winning school that has demonstrated exceptional student performance for two or more consecutive years and to one that made the most progress in closing the achievement gap between student groups.

2013-14 Title I Academic Achievement Awards Charter Schools are as follows:

  • Aspire ERES Academy
  • KIPP Summit Academy
  • Richmond College Preparatory
  • SBC - Pacific Technology
  • Nueva Esperanza Charter Academy
  • Cielo Vista Charter
  • Health Sciences High
  • KIPP Heartwood Academy
  • Learning in an Urban Community with High Achievement
  • Voices College-Bound Language Academy