Brittany Barnes Presented with Hart Vision Award for Teacher of the Year at the 21st Annual California Charter Schools Conference

March 4, 2014

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Contact: Dannie Tillman
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(San Jose, California) - The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) presented the annual Hart Vision Award for Teacher of the Year to Brittany Barnes of Math and Science College Preparatory Academy in Los Angeles. The award was presented today at the 21st Annual California Charter Schools Conference held March 3-6 at the San Jose Convention Center.

Barnes is recognized as one of the leading math teachers in California for her work with a traditionally underperforming student population. In 2013, 91 percent of her students scored advanced/proficient in Geometry on the California Standards Test.

"A lot of kids come to school not enjoying math," said Emilio Pack, founder and executive director of Math and Science College Prep. "Yet once they're done with Brittany's class, undoubtedly the majority say they love math."

Barnes is committed to being a change agent and serving her community as an expert professional and master practitioner, and she continuously coaches and mentors other math teachers in the region. She has developed and implemented year-long professional development programs, which include deep data analysis, assessments for learning, developing learning targets, and moving her department towards the Common Core State Standards.

Barnes has served as a model teacher and opened her classroom and allowed teachers - both within and outside of her department and school - to observe her in practice. Her enthusiasm has resulted in success. In 2013, the pre-calculus teacher she coached increased her class' proficiency to 79 percent, and the first-year geometry teacher she coached had an 80 percent proficiency rate.

"I cannot wait to be around Brittany for the next 10, 15, 20 years to see what she accomplishes," said Pack.

Previous Hart Vision Teacher of the Year recipients include Jeanne Saiza from Palisades Charter High School in Los Angeles (2013); Kelly Sullivan Perez from San Jacinto Valley Academy in San Jacinto (2012); Meredith Dadigan from Aspire Titan Academy in Los Angeles (2011); Danielle Diaz from Coastal Academy in Oceanside (2010); and Christina Hoppe from Granada Hills Charter High School in Los Angeles (2009).

The Hart Vision Awards were established in 1995 in honor of Gary K. Hart, retired California State Senator and former California Secretary of Education. While serving as state senator, Hart sponsored the legislation that established California charter schools. The goals of the Hart Vision Awards are to recognize and honor annually individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and excellence in education.

The California Charter Schools Conference has been held annually for 21 years, offering resources, guidance, and advocacy support to a charter school movement that has grown to 1,130 schools serving 519,000 students. Nearly 3,000 attendees are participating in this year's conference. Learn more about the event.

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