New Report: How Los Angeles Charter Schools Answer the College Readiness Challenge

January 28, 2014

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(Los Angeles, CA) - The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) has released a new report on Los Angeles public high schools which shows that charter schools surpass traditional district schools in graduating college-ready students of all backgrounds.

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Today, it is no longer enough to simply stay in school and graduate 12th grade. To be successful in the 21st century workplace, students need to succeed in higher education. This report shows that LA's charter schools have answered the college-readiness challenge and are changing the future for students now.

"Parents have the right to choose the best educational opportunity for their children. Twenty years ago, that choice was between a traditional public school and a private school - not a true choice for families in Los Angeles. Thanks to the efforts of parents, teachers and community leaders across this state, parents today have another choice: charter public schools," said Jed Wallace, President and CEO of CCSA. "Through the charter school movement, all children have the opportunity to achieve at high levels and to receive the high-quality education they deserve."

Key Findings

  • In Los Angeles, the percentage of high school graduates who completed all college preparatory coursework is 4 times as high at charter public schools as it is at traditional district schools.
  • Charter schools graduate high school students at higher rates than traditional district schools - 79% versus 66% for traditional schools.
  • Charter schools are closing the achievement gap for high school students who have historically been left behind by the system. This includes low-income students, Latino and African-American students, and students who are English learners.
  • Charter high schools that serve LA's most socioeconomically disadvantaged students achieve the same results as all charter schools. They continue to deliver a higher percentage of college-ready graduates than their traditional school counterparts.

Spread the Word

Are you a parent, charter school leader or part of a local community group? Help us spread the word about these important findings. If you would like someone to speak to your group about the report, contact Emily Bertelli at the email and phone number above.

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