Teach Plus Writes Book on Leadership Approaches by Teachers

December 10, 2013

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Learning from the Experts: Teacher Leaders on Solving America's Education Challenges is the first book written by teachers affiliated with Teach Plus, a non-profit organization devoted to improving urban students' access to effective teachers. Learning from the Experts is the result of collaboration and input from 17 teacher leaders, from both charter and traditional public schools, whose ideas are transforming urban classrooms across America. The book represents the proof that teachers have the insight to lead policy change and the tenacity to make it happen.

A Los Angeles book launch event on Dec. 2 featured four Teach Plus Teaching Policy Fellows and contributing writers: Sujata Bhatt, founder of the Incubator School; Kyle Hunsberger, a mathematics teacher at Johnnie L. Cochrain, Jr., Middle School who developed and successfully implemented a 6th-grade basic-skills intervention program; Jeannette Marrone, a founding teacher at Environmental Science and Technology High School; and Stephanie Widmer, a Teach for America Learning Team Leader and humanities teacher at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy. They volunteered their ideas on everything from blended-learning techniques, accurate systems of teacher evaluation, and how to use data to measure student growth. "The goal is to make the best impact on whatever kid walks through that door," Hunsberger said. "In measuring performance, we need to focus on the impact piece--which is why we got into this business in the first place."

CCSA Director of Teacher Engagement, Keith Dell'Aquila, was in attendance. "These teachers are passionate advocates for their students, but they're also deep thinkers who want to help elevate and improve the teaching profession. Their ideas for how to better support teachers in delivering high-quality education to all students deserve to be heard by the public and policy makers alike," said Dell'Aquila.

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About Teach Plus

The goal of Teach Plus, founded in 2007, is to engage early career teachers in rebuilding their profession to better meet the needs of students and the incoming generation of teachers. The program began with 16 founding teachers from urban district and charter schools in the Greater Boston area. Teach Plus has grown to a network of more than 5,000 reform-minded teachers in six cities, including Los Angeles.