Response to Southern California Public Radio: "API scores: Only about half of LA Unified charters meeting state performance goals"

August 30, 2013

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On August 30, Southern California Public Radio published the article, API scores: Only about half of LA Unified charters meeting state performance goals. CCSA wrote the following response:

While this story does get some of the facts straight in terms of the outperformance of California charters in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) compared to traditional LAUSD schools, it fails to convey the true significance of these results.

It is true that California charters in LAUSD are outperforming traditional LAUSD schools. In fact, charters in LAUSD have historically and consistently outperformed traditional LAUSD schools over the past four years. And in the 2012-13 school year, charters in LAUSD achieved an impressive average API of 807. This year across the board, charter schools in LAUSD outperform traditional public schools in terms of average API scores, at every grade level and with every traditionally underserved group of students (African American, Latino, English Learners, Low Income, and Students with Disabilities).

What's more,fifty-one percent of charters authorized by LAUSD meet or surpass the state standard of an 800 API, in comparison to only 32% of traditional schools meeting that same standard. By LAUSD's own Academic Growth over Time measures, 40% or more of charter schools are outperforming district averages in ELA and math (far more than LAUSD traditional schools). Moreover, 36% of LAUSD charter schools are in the top 10% of all California schools as measured by CCSA's Similar Students Measure.

Charter schools in LAUSD are showing, and continue to show, significant academic results particularly in comparison to traditional LAUSD counterparts.

Roy Cervantes
Regional Director, Los Angeles
California Charter Schools Association

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