Renewal Resources for Members: Remember to Start the Process Early!

June 25, 2013

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In order to make the renewal process as easy as possible for our members, the Association has several renewal resources available. We encourage you visit our website to get information about the renewal timeline and tips on how to make the renewal process a success.

Recently, CCSA sent members in renewal an email regarding the importance of submitting renewal documents early - ideally, by September 1, 2013. As you continue to prepare for a successful renewal, we wanted to highlight two of the star strategies that work, as well as Association resources that can help you put these strategies into action.

#1: Use data to best highlight your school's success: As with many charter schools seeking renewal, the results of your current charter term may be mixed. For example, your school may have met intended outcomes in some years of its charter, but not in every year. You must use student academic achievement data to show how your school performed - but the way that you do it could lead to a charter renewal or a charter denial.

#2: Proactively garner support for your renewal: Additionally, petition approval is often dependent upon relationships--who supports your school. There is no reason why you have to wait until you submit your renewal petition to start building support for its approval. There are plenty of ways to do it from fostering positive press, to reaching out to board members, to engaging your school community in the renewal process.

Website Resources

Learn more about the essential steps of the renewal process and your authorizer expectations. While CCSA's online Renewal Resources are a good starting point for this, you may also want to reach out to your particular district.

Besides technical support, CCSA is happy to work with you on your advocacy strategy and community outreach. Please don't hesitate to contact your managing regional director or regional director for more assistance to support your school's renewal!

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