KIPP LA Teacher Wins Prestigious Nationwide Award from Teach For America

June 14, 2013

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Hoang Pham, who teaches first graders at KIPP Empower Academy, was recently one of four teachers in the country selected for the Sue Lehmann Award from among 23 semi-finalists and 117 regional nominees. Each year, Teach For America (TFA) recognizes outstanding leadership in its second-year teachers with this award. Recipients are nominated by program directors across the country and chosen by committees of national and regional evaluators, based on the nominees' dramatic results with their students and exemplification of the Teaching As Leadership strategies.

"These teachers demonstrate the power of what is possible when you approach your classroom each day with a deep understanding of who your kids and their families are and what it will take for them to be in full control of meeting their potential in the short and long term," said Eric DeSobe, Associate Director of Teaching and Leadership Development for KIPP LA Schools. "They provide an incredible example and learning opportunity for us all."

Meet Hoang Pham

Hoang Pham draws on his own experiences growing up in a low-income community (and the influence of a TFA alum who taught his college writing class) to ignite his students' determination to fight educational inequity in America with their own success through college and beyond. Anyone who doubts that first graders can think critically about community, race, and their own futures needs to spend time with Hoang's students. In addition to exhibiting a highly developed sense of social justice, they are excelling academically; as of March, 90% of his first graders were reading at least a half year above grade level, and the class was averaging over 90% on math assessments.

One of the key goals of these awards is to inspire teachers across the country and the world. Hoang and the other honorees are featured on a website only available to TFA teachers and alumni.

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