19 of 24 Top High Schools in LA are Charter Schools

June 13, 2013

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A recent article in LA School Report ranked schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) based off the state's similar schools rank.

The results that showed 19 of the 24 highest ranking high schools were charter public schools.

The charter schools topping the list included five schools run by Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, two run by Green Dot Public Schools, three that are part of the Partnership to Uplift Communities (PUC Schools) and several that are single-site or part of smaller networks.

The charter schools:

  • Alliance College-Ready Academy High No. 5
  • Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan HS
  • Alliance Environmental Science and Technology
  • Alliance Gertz-Ressler HS
  • Alliance Health Services Academy HS
  • Alliance Huntington Park College-Ready Academy
  • Alliance Marc & Eva Stern Math and Science
  • Animo Jackie Robinson HS
  • Animo Pat Brown HS
  • Animo Venice Charter HS
  • Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy
  • Camino Nuevo Charter HS
  • Central City Value
  • Community Charter Early College HS
  • Lakeview Charter HS
  • Magnolia Science Academy
  • Port of Los Angeles HS
  • Triumph Charter HS

LA School Report: "Just In: Charters Top "Similar School" Rankings" along with a ranking of schools.

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