Did You Know? Our Top 5 Funding Wins for Charter Schools in 2012

April 17, 2013

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Each year, CCSA advocates for fair and adequate funding for charter schools. Read more about CCSA's efforts in Sacramento at our At the Capitol webpage. Here are some of the things we fought for, and with your help, secured, last year:

  1. Charter schools' base categorical block grant funding received growth for new pupils in the 2012-13 state budget; a total of $53.7 million to accommodate the increasing number of students in California's charter public schools and keep the per pupil funding level from decreasing.

  2. Also in the 2012-13 state budget, charter schools received access to a new $166.6 million mandates reimbursement program at $14 per ADA. Read CCSA's 2012-13 Final Budget Brief for more information about this new program.

  3. The Charter School Facility Grant Program (SB 740) was increased by about $15.5 million for a total of $93 million. This program helps provide charter schools serving some of our neediest students with facilities funding assistance. Learn more about CCSA's attempts to expand this program.

  4. CCSA worked to stop anti-charter school legislation which would have imposed costly new mandates on charter schools, like AB 925. Each year, numerous bills seek to make charter schools more like the traditional school system. CCSA fights against these attempts to burden charter schools with more red tape. Get more information about current bills impacting charter schools.

  5. Proposition 30 prevented $5.4 billion in devastating cuts from being enacted in January. But the fight for equitable and adequate funding continues. Visit CCSA's budget webpage to stay up to date on charter school funding issues.

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