What you missed at "Tell Your Story: Charter Schools Using Communications Tools to Stand Out"

March 15, 2013

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What makes your charter school unique? Do you have a communications plan in place? Are you engaging the media?

CCSA's communications team lead a packed breakout session at this year's California Charter Schools Conference on how schools can develop a powerful key message and put together an integrated communications strategy for maximum impact.

The presenters included: Meagan Fox, Vicki Grenz, Sierra Jenkins, and Dannie Tillman of the California Charter Schools Association, who were joined by Alison Diaz, Executive Director of Environmental Charter Schools, and Carrie Boutros, Director of Development for Granada Hills Charter High School.

The first step for every school is to pin down your key message because this comes across in every communication - whether your website, social media, the story you tell reporters or in a presentation to community leaders. What makes your school special? These are some tips for coming up with a good message:

  • CLEAR: 3 or 4 message points
  • CONNECT: Who should care and why
  • COMPELLING: make it interesting
  • CONCISE: sound bites
  • CONTINUAL: repeat the message (takes 7-12 times to create awareness)

Couldn't make it to our conference session?

Don't worry - here are links to the many resources we highlighted during our presentation.

Use these checklists to assess what you do currently and where you can improve:

Examples of Best Practices:

CCSA has developed many simple, printable fact sheets and videos to make it easy for you to spread the word about charter schools in your community.

  • CCSA fact sheets - includes FAQs about charter schools, regional fact sheets and responses to common myths about charter schools
  • CCSA's Youtube Channel - All these videos are public and easy for you to embed in your own site or link on social media. Our "Charter Schools 101" video is available in both English and Spanish.

These are resources for CCSA members - if you don't currently have a log-in, click "Sign up" in the top right corner and follow the prompts to link to your school's account. If you can't find an answer to your question or need some advice specific to your school and region, email CCSA's communications team!

We have communications workshops through out the year - if you are the communications lead for your school and want to receive a notice about upcoming workshops, let us know.

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