Did You Know? 5 Ways You Can Help the Charter School Movement

March 22, 2013

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During the past 20 years, charter schools have been reinventing public education in California, growing to 1,065 schools serving 484,000 students across the state. Charter school leaders, supporters, parents, and teachers are at the forefront of this impressive growth and the goal to ensure every child receives a high quality education. There is still so much to do - some are very easy and will have lasting impact.

Here are five ways you can continue to propel the movement:

  1. Debunk Charter School Myths. We know charter schools are transforming public education everyday but not everyone knows that charter schools are public schools serving all students. Flexibility, parent choice, high standards of accountability, and innovative curriculum designs are some of the many hallmarks of charter schools. Let people in your community know the real deal about charters.

  2. Share Your Story. If you have an amazing charter school story and experience - share it! Tell your friends, family, local leaders, and elected officials in person, at community events, and on social media. Here is a great example of a parent talking about the impact of Aspire Alexander Twilight College Preparatory Academy on her daughter's education.

  3. Advocate. Charter schools face many challenges from securing equitable facilities to funding challenges. CCSA advocates on behalf of charter schools on these and many other critical issues and we need more visionary leaders to bring their voices to the table. Learn more about the range of issues affecting charter schools and perhaps one will inspire you!

  4. Support National Charter Schools Week. Celebrated May 5 - 11, 2013, the week is designed to raise awareness about charter schools across the country. Many parents and leaders will join CCSA on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 for our 20th Anniversary Advocacy Day in Sacramento during National Charter Schools Week. Advocacy Day is a chance for parents and staff from your school to come to Sacramento to meet with your local legislators on the issues facing charter schools. Learn more and register.

  5. Join CCSA! Become a member and help to strengthen our advocacy work in the legislature, courts, and the executive branch. Learn about our many member programs and benefits.

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