Charter School Facility Committee Appointed to Oversee $350 Million in Proposition Z Funds

February 27, 2013

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SAN DIEGO, California (February 27, 2013) -- On Tuesday, February 26, 2013, the San Diego Unified School Board voted unanimously to appoint seven members to the Proposition Z Charter School Facility Committee. This action begins the work to implement the charter school portion of Proposition Z. The Facility Committee will recommend how the more than $350 million in funds, specifically for charter school facilities projects, are spent as part of the $2.8 billion school facilities bond Proposition Z passed by voters in November 2012.

"The appointment of such a stellar and committed group of education advocates to the Prop. Z Charter School Facility Committee represents a significant move forward for charter schools in San Diego," said CCSA President and CEO Jed Wallace. "CCSA Advocates were a major supporter of the facilities bond and we are excited that the new committee will ensure that all public school students will greatly benefit from the funds as they are expended to address a range of issues impacting charter schools."

Prop. Z provides an unprecedented level of funding for charter school facilities and ensures that the funds will be made available to charter schools in as flexible a manner as possible.

"I am honored to have been appointed to The Facility Committee," said Miles Durfee, CCSA's San Diego managing regional director. "Facilities costs remain a significant barrier to charter leaders whether they are looking to open a new school, shorten their waiting lists or strengthen their current school's environment. Working with the charter community in partnership with the district is an exciting opportunity to look for innovative approaches to efficiently and effectively use taxpayer money to improve education for the most public school students."

The following members will serve on the committee:

• Mary Bixby, CEO, Founder, President, The Charter School of San Diego, (1 year term)

• Leslie Dahab, CEO, Darnall Charter School, (2 year term)

• Miles Durfee, San Diego Regional Director, California Charter Schools Association (2 year term)

• Kay McElrath, CFO, High Tech Village of Schools, (1 year term)

• Jenny Parsons, CBO, Gompers Preparatory Academy Charter, (2 year term)

• Eric Premack, Exec. Director, Founder, Charter School Development Center,
(1 year term)

• David Sciarretta, Principal, Einstein Academy Charter Middle School, (2 year term)

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