Facilities Survey's New Deadline is January 31, 2013: Complete It Now with Easy Instructions!

December 18, 2012

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CCSA's Facilities Initiative Survey collects data to analyze the issues and challenges facing California's charter schools and their access to affordable, adequate facilities. Throughout the state, a large number of charters continue to struggle in acquiring and financing adequate school facilities. The objective of the survey, with detailed "how to instructions" below, is to gather concise data about charter school facilities to foster a policy environment that improves support for the diverse facilities needs of charter schools across the state.

A team of facilities and finance experts have developed an questionnaire as part of a national and statewide effort to learn about and address facilities inequities. The online questionnaire takes between 35 minutes and an hour to complete. We expect to use data from this survey to further hone our advocacy strategies, provide data to support our advocacy efforts, and improve the outcomes of our efforts to reform SB 740, Prop 39, and California State Charter School Facilities Program (Prop 47, 55, 1-D).

Hard data is much more effective than anecdotal data when it comes to convincing law makers to provide charter schools with equitable access to facilities. As such, we need ALL charter schools in California to participate in this important survey so that we can enter the next legislative session armed with powerful evidence to show that public charter school students are not receiving access to the facilities they deserve in order to receive the best education possible.

The final deadline to complete the survey is January 31, 2013. To access the facilities survey, on your first visit you will set up a password: "If you are a school administrator who does not yet have a password, please click here." If you need assistance or questions please contact the Project Manager, Dion Jackson at djackson@ccsa.org.

You will be asked to select your school from a list, and then you will set your school's user name and password. Each school will have only one user name and password, which must be shared with others in the school that will complete all or a portion of the survey items, but only one person may login at a time.

Once you have a login and password, this link will connect you to the survey: http://csfi.civicore.com/

In order to use your time efficiently, please gather the following before beginning the survey:

  • Current enrollment information, including FTE count and total student count
  • Waitlist data
  • Estimated utilities costs for 2012-13
  • Current facility loan and/or rent payments
  • Information about facility-related capital projects over the last five years
  • Information about participation in local or state capital fund programs
  • Information about applications for any state facilities grant programs, whether or not the school received an award

PLEASE NOTE: You must save your responses before switching tabs or the information will be lost and must be re-entered. Also, if you leave the program open without saving and the site times out, you will lose anything entered before you last saved and you may be locked out of the program. If this happens, email (Dion) with a new password and it will be reset.

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