CCSA Supports An Unprecedented 76 Charter Schools With Prop. 39 Legal Assistance

December 19, 2012

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Securing equitable facilities is one of the biggest challenges faced by charter schools. Every year, over one hundred charter schools turn to their school districts for facilities solutions through Proposition 39, the California law which requires school districts to offer "reasonably equivalent" facilities to charter schools.

CCSA offers a variety of resources and supports to charter schools considering requesting school district facilities under Prop. 39, including template correspondence, on-demand webinars, and advocacy and legal support. This fall, CCSA partnered with outside law firms with charter school facilities expertise to offer free legal reviews of Prop. 39 requests to an unprecedented 76 new and existing member schools throughout California.

CCSA was pleased to expand this program from a pilot program serving a limited number of charter schools in certain school districts to a statewide program available to all CCSA member schools. CCSA will continue to support the 76 schools throughout the 2013-14 Prop. 39 cycle, and will coordinate with outside legal counsel the review of the remaining correspondence charter schools must submit to their school districts, including responses to preliminary and final facilities offers.

If you have questions about this program, please contact Anne Lee at Watch for messages from CCSA next fall about how to participate for the 2014-15 Prop. 39 cycle!

Jackie Shelton Cooper

May 28, 2014

Has your organization prepared bid documentation for Charter schools to use when securing vendors to complete the services funded by Proposition 39? If so, is it posted and available for all charter schools to review? Thank you!


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