Parents Win! Defeat of Anti-Charter Resolution in Los Angeles Shows the Power of our Collective Advocacy

November 15, 2012

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In September, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board member Steve Zimmer proposed a resolution that would limit parent choice by not allowing any new charters and adding more bureaucracy on existing charter schools.

Los Angeles charter schools and parents mobilized in force for over two months leading up to the board vote on November 13. On the day of the vote, we saw first-hand the incredible power of collective advocacy as 1,500 charter school parents rallied in front of LAUSD with the board ultimately voting down this misguided resolution.

How did parents make a difference?

  1. Parents spoke out from day one. When the resolution was introduced on September 11, hundreds of parents showed up and spoke out against the measure.
  2. Boardmember Zimmer then promised to make revisions.
  3. In October, parents made hundreds of calls and sent hundreds of emails. Parents presented more than 2,000 parent signatures against the resolution to the LAUSD board. Parents told their stories and spoke out in the media.
  4. Boardmember Zimmer delayed the vote to the day after a holiday (Veterans Day) hoping parents would stop paying attention.
  5. On November 13, dozens of charter schools joined together and more than 1,500 parents rallied and shut down the streets in front of the LAUSD board room.
  6. Victory! The LAUSD board voted against this resolution!

Hear what CCSA's Jed Wallace and Corri Ravare, executive director of Families That Can, had to say in response to the board decision.

In the coming months, Families That Can will be hosting workshops and events including voter education forums with Los Angeles school board candidates to educate, empower and mobilize charter school parents. In March 2013, not only will Los Angeles residents decide who will lead the city as Mayor but also the three seats on the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) board that are up for election. Stay informed, become engaged and invite the parents at your school to sign up for our free newsletter and action alerts so they don't miss out!

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