Michelle Rhee to Keynote at 20th Annual California Charter Schools Conference

November 15, 2012

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CCSA is proud to announce that the nationally known student advocate and founder and CEO of StudentsFirst, Michelle Rhee will be speaking at the 20th Annual California Charter Schools Conference being held March 11-14, 2013 in San Diego, CA.

Michelle began her career as a Teach for America corps member in Baltimore. Through her own trial and error in the classroom, she gained a tremendous respect for the hard work that teachers do every day. In 1997, Michelle founded and led The New Teacher Project, which recruits and trains teachers to work in urban schools. More recently, from 2007 to 2010, Michelle served as chancellor of District of Columbia Public Schools. Under her stewardship, D.C. schools experienced increases in student achievement, a rise in graduation rates and an upswing -- for the first time in decades -- in enrollment.

"Working in education over the past twenty years, time after time I saw obstacles keeping kids from getting what they needed from their schools. Yes, there were challenges that were going to be difficult to overcome no matter what, but so many practices just didn't make sense and were completely within our power to change. When I tried to change them, I found out why the status quo had persisted for so long," said Rhee.

"Groups that put the interests of adults in the system first were driving the conversation, and they were backed by big dollars and political power. What we needed was a collective voice solely representing kids' best interests, because the sense of balance was completely gone," stated Rhee. "I started StudentsFirst to change that. Schools exist to give kids the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed, and EVERY decision has to revolve around that."

Michelle Rhee will join Geoffrey Canada on the schedule of keynote speakers celebrating 20 years of California charter schools.

CCSA had the opportunity to check-in with Canada regarding the celebration and he reported, "I'm honored to be a part of celebrating 20 years of charter schools in California. California has been leading the charge to reinvent public education to ensure every child from every community has the opportunity to attend a high quality school. This critical work happening in more than 1,000 schools across the state has been supported and guided by CCSA. I look forward to addressing the California charter school community at the annual conference and meeting the teachers and leaders who are accomplishing amazing things everyday on behalf of charter school students."

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