2012-13 New Schools Press Kit

October 23, 2012

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California charter schools continue to grow in popularity, and register growth despite incredible budget, facilities and authorizing challenges.

In the fall of 2012-13, California saw 109 new charter schools opening their doors at the beginning of the school year. The number of new schools pushed the total of charter schools in California to 1,065, the largest number of charters in any state in the country. California charter student enrollment grew more than 17% in 2012-13 such that charters now serve more than 484,083 students statewide.

Despite this incredible growth, more than 70,000 students remained on charter school waiting lists in 2011-12 due to space limitations.

Not only is parent demand increasing for charters, but the public's perception of charter schools is unquestionably positive. In a 2012 statewide poll of California voters, 49.3% of respondents favor charter schools. And respondents continue to assign substantially higher grades (an A or B) to charter schools and CA teachers than to CA public schools and teachers unions.

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The California Charter Schools Association offers a variety of supports for teams planning and preparing to open charter schools. Visit the "Starting a Charter" section of our website for access to information about how to open a charter school, or the "Membership" section for details about the specialized services CCSA can provide school developers.