8/3/12 Charter News Round-Up

August 3, 2012

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Back To School: New Schools, New Programs, And More

Can you believe it's August already? Media stories of the new school year are starting to pop-up throughout the state, and we wanted to highlight some of the ones we saw this week.

The Contra Costa Times, for instance, featured an article regarding the upcoming first day of school at the new Clayton Valley Charter High, detailing the program that will transition incoming freshman students. As you may remember, the school's conversion was approved by the Santa Clara County Office of Education early this year, after the local school district denied the petition. Read the article of the new Clayton Valley Charter High in the Contra Costa Times.

And speaking of new schools, Rocketship is getting ready to open schools not just in California, but in other states as well. Students in San Jose will see two new Rocketship charters, and other students will be able to attend Rocketship schools in Tennessee as well. Nationwide expansion is truly materializing for the Rocketship schools and their innovative curricula. Read the Washington Post piece for more.

Further down south, the Da Vinci Charter High School in Hawthorne is embodying the spirit of innovation. The school is planning not only to open a new campus, but also to make their school a one-stop-shop education, where students can seek diplomas for high school, community college, and further. The plan would allow students to take simultaneous classes to conform to college courses. Read the article in the Los Angeles Daily Breeze.

This is an inspiring story that caught our eye this morning. A charter school in Escondido started a radio show called Student Focus Radio, which will deal with a number of issues and topics. To be featured every other Tuesday of each month, you can access the radio show here, and read the article in the U-T San Diego.

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