8/31/12 Charter News Round-Up

August 31, 2012

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New Report Says Charter Migration To Blame For Public Funding Strain/Private Sector Squeeze; CCSA Responds

This week, a report by a Rand Corp. economist was featured in the Los Angeles Times and Education Week , which says that charter school migration has not only strained public funding for education, but also squeezed the public sector, i.e. public and catholic schools. The premise is absurd, especially given that charter schools are public schools of choice that have exponentially grown over the past 20 years to meet parent demand for better schools. What charter schools have done is given families a choice that didn't exist before. CCSA was quick to respond with an op-ed by our president and CEO Jed Wallace, which was also published in the Los Angeles Times, along with comments and letters from outraged parents, an example of which you can read here.

This week, a feature story on Santa Cruz's Ceiba Charter was published in the weekly Santa Cruz Good Times, which not only talked about charters and choice, but also underlined the uphill battle for some of our schools with their local districts. In this particular article, there are several mentions of schools "draining" the system financially. However, the reporter does balance the story. Read more here.

Aspire Appeals Decision To Revoke Statewide Benefit Charter

This week, Aspire Public Schools joined the State Board of Education in appealing a court decision to revoke its Statewide Benefit Charter, which could potentially impact a number of schools in various cities across the state. The decision, issued back in July, states that Aspire schools that currently operate under the Statewide Benefit Charter status, would have to submit petitions to their districts this year in order to keep operating. The decision also impacts plans to open future Aspire schools in California. For more information, read the article in the Stockton Record.

New Schools And The Good News

As August wraps up, and the school year is now in full swing, we wanted to highlight some of the great and inspiring news coming out of our charter schools. For instance, the Gilroy Dispatch featured a news article on Gilroy Prep Charter, whose students' achieved the highest API scores in the district's history within its first year! Check out that story. Staying in the Bay Area, the Redwood City Elementary School District Board of Trustees unanimously approved a petition for a new charter school, which intends to open its doors in 2013-14. Connect Community Charter's focus will be on shared leadership, social-emotional learning and an inquiry-based approach. Read Heather Murtagh's article in the San Mateo Daily Journal for more.

In Stockton, Excel Academy opened its doors to students two weeks ago, and is already making headlines for its focus on specialized athletics programs, including volleyball, wrestling, softball, baseball, soccer, golf and basketball. Check out how their already making waves in the Lodi News-Sentinel story.

And, Woodland Polytechnic Academy announced a unique partnership with the California National Guard to create a comprehensive, leadership program for its students. Under the program, students will receive lessons in physical fitness, academic improvement, leadership development and more.
The Woodland Record has more details.

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