8/24/12 Charter News Round-Up

August 24, 2012

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Happy Friday! It's time for another Round-Up of stories, where we highlight some of the top charter school news articles featured in the media this week.

Stories range from CCSA kicking-off the 20th anniversary of the charter schools movement, to back-to-school features, charters in new facilities, and more.

On Tuesday, CCSA celebrated the 20th anniversary of the charter schools movement at the San Carlos Charter Learning Center, one of the first charters to open in California after the Charter Schools Act was approved in 1992, and the longest-running charter in the state.

Speakers included CCSA's President and CEO Jed Wallace, Dr. Don Shalvey, Summit Founder Diane Tavenner, and more. In attendance were also founding parents, teachers, and students, who reflected on the charter movement over the past two decades. Check out our Press Release, as well as stories in the Cabinet Report, the San Mateo Daily Journal, the Palo Alto Daily News and Patch.com.

Check out also the full video of the News Conference here, as well as a story of a founding family of the school reflecting on the 20th anniversary of the movement.

Charter Growth

A community in Fresno is making their case to open a new charter school to serve their children. Leaders and educators brought their plan to the Fresno Unified School Board, and a vote is expected next month. The school would be located in the Lowell neighborhood, and would offer choice to parents looking for an alternative to the public school options currently available. Check out more details in the Fresno Bee.

Speaking of growth, it was announced this week that Aspire Public Schools will take over two schools in the city of Memphis, Tennessee next year. Aspire runs 34 schools in California, and Memphis is looking to establish quality public schools for their students. Read more in the Memphis Business Journal.

Meantime, petitioners for a new Novato area charter school are receiving significant community support, which they hope to turn into an approval by the Novato Unified School District to open the charter next year. The New Bay Educational Foundation is encouraging parents to enroll their children in the school, which will offer a Core Knowledge curriculum, before August 31st. See more details in the Novato Advance.

School Facilities

Many charter schools are beginning their school year, and several stories in the media have written about their new facilities. The Milpitas Post, for instance, posted a story on the Magnolia Charter Academy moving into a former Senior Center building, which will allow them to give students a better learning environment, but also increase their growth. Read the story here.

In Sacramento, William Lee College Prep--part of the Fortune Schools--will open its doors in a commercial building which used to house a culinary school. Check out the story in the Sacramento Business Journal. Further south, in Los Angeles, Green Dot's Animo Leadership, has moved into an energy-efficient new campus in Lennox. The campus was built using funds from a bond initiative passed in California in the early 2000's. See the story in the Los Angeles Daily Breeze.

And up in the Silicon Valley area, Rocketship is fighting to build a new campus that will enable them to grow and serve more students. They are seeking a zoning exemption from the District, yet are also facing opposition from charter detractors. The San Jose Mercury News published an editorial saying construction should not be delayed.

Charter School Students Visit College

And to wrap up the week, we wanted to highlight an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, which featured a story of Gateway High School freshmen visiting a college this week. The goal of the trip was to give students a hands-on experience on college life. Students went to U.C. Berkeley and visited the Paleontology department, among others. See more in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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