CCSA Statement on SDUSD Board Approval of Facilities Bond Measure for November Ballot

July 24, 2012

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Vicky Waters, CCSA
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On July 24, the San Diego Unified School District Board approved unanimously (5-0 vote) to place a facilities bond on the November ballot that will benefit all public schools, including charter schools. Under the bond terms, charter public schools will receive a pro-rata share of the bond revenues, $350 million, based on enrollment to be used for facility improvements, development of new facilities, technology, and more.

Miles Durfee, Managing Regional Director, Southern California, of the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA), issued the following statement:

"On behalf of the California Charter Schools Association, and the charter public schools that operate in San Diego Unified, we applaud the Board's decision to include charter schools in this facilities bond, which ensures all public school students will have a fair share of the funding, and equal access to improved facilities. In addition, charter school parents are taxpayers, and as such, any bond measure should inherently include and benefit their children. The Board's action recognizes that charter schools are important partners with the District in provision of high-quality education choices and opportunities for students in San Diego."

"Charter public schools face tremendous challenges in identifying and securing facilities to accommodate their students and procure expansion and growth. The inclusion of a charter school advisory committee in the bond measure provides an accountability structure that would ensure flexibility and allow charters to prioritize the spending of the charter school portion of the bond revenues for new and existing charters, including forward-thinking projects such as the charter library that creatively meet the facilities needs of charters under the flexibility that the law allows. The California Charter Schools Association will continue to work with the District in support of this measure."

  • For the 2011-12 SY, 42 charter schools operated in the San Diego Unified School District
  • San Diego Unified Charters serve more than 15,000 students
  • More information on San Diego charters: /2012/02/fact-sheet-san-diego-charter-schools.html

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